Modern Arnis

28 Jun

So for the last 4 months I have been training in a form of martial arts called Modern Arnis. I go once a week ( I would go everyday if I could) and I’m intrigued more and more every class. I have also attended 2 seminars and 1 camp. The basis of this is stick fighting and have a counter move for every move your opponent  makes. My instructor is Master Chuck Gauss He is one of 7 masters of Tapi Tapi in the world. His accomplishment of mastering the art aside he is a incredible teacher he has a way of making things easy. On June 23 I went to 1 day of a 4 day camp do to work I was not able to attend all 4 days. At this camp 3 of the 7 Master we there.  I learn a incredible amount of information I am currently trying to retain as much as possible. 2 of the high lights of this 13 hour day were the knife fighting and the flashlight defense. The knife fighting section was taught by Master Ken Smith from Illinois.  Prior to this I had no idea about knife defense techniques I was in shock of how fun this was to practice and I plan to continue to search for more info and more training.


The flashlight defense was taught by Master Gauss and this was my favorite part of the day. Master Gauss show us techniques to use the light to get our opponents in arm bars, how to use the light in a center lock, and how to use a tactical light as a weapon. Tactical meaning it has a serrated top and bottom see picture.



I linked the wiki page below check it out. Also check out the YouTube channel that is linked.

Modern Arnis Wiki

Modern Arnis YouTube videos

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