Second time is the charm maybe???

17 Jul

 Monday I went to PT did my warm up got stretched out and then my leg exercises. My therapist was happy about the result of my first run and told me to continue. So last nice when I got home I suited up if you could call it that it was 94* when I went for my run. I started out slow again I was feeling great even with the heat. I ran 4.2 miles map I am so excited to be out running again. I did a little post run stretching and then showered. As the night progressed I started to tighten up and my hip was starting to bother me. I woke up this morning and was a little uncomfortable I have been trying to keep moving and trying to do a little stretching which is a little tough at work. Today I am planning to swim as we are excepting record breaking heat the forecast is calling for 100*.

 On a side note I found this old bike frame in my parents garage and I plan to build it up in to a 1×7 or 1×9 touring bike. I would like this to be a fall winter project so we’ll see what happens with it.

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Posted by on July 17, 2012 in Biking, Running


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