Its been a while but my freep marathon experince.

05 Dec

So a lot has happened since last time I made a post. Most recently Chrissy (my wife) ran a half marathon and finish 15 minutes faster than she thought she would. John ran his first full marathon and finish strong. And my brother in Robbie finished his second full marathon with a few complications. As for me I was stuck on the side lines it was tough. I got up early on race day to drive John. After the start of the race I grabbed my bike and headed to the tunnel where I was able to cheer on John and Robbie. After that I started making my way to belle isle for the first time. As I stood at the bottom of the bridge waiting for Robbie we notice that it was taking a long time and I decide to go look for him. I found him walking about 1.5 back this was the beginning of the end for him. Let’s take it back 2 day to Friday Robbie woke up in the middle of the night violently ill, he is a medical professional and caught something a work. Fast forward to Jefferson ave on marathon Sunday. I find Robbie walking he tells me he is freezing cold and have stomach issues first we worked on the stomach I got him some pretzels then a long sleeve shirt to try to warm up. Then left the rest to my sister and dad. I was on my way back downtown for the start of the U.S. only half marathon which Chrissy was running. I found her in the sea of people she was surprisingly calm being it was her first half marathon and only her third race ever. After the start I headed back to Belle Isle this time I took the river walk hoping to see John and lucky me I did he was looking strong although he said he was cramping up I was not too worried he was a about mile 23.5 he was almost there. Once I got back to Belle Isle the was the part that found most rewarding. Last year when I ran the full I was way back in the pack and it got lonely the people that stayed on the course cheering for us slow pokes are amazing. After I finished I said that if I do not run next year I will be on that course helping the people get it done and I was. I was there hooting and hollering working my but off for a smile try to get runners out of that low place. After a while I saw Chrissy coming she what with the 2:30 pace group and still had a smile on her face after 6 miles and then at 9 miles I was so excited to see this. After this I headed to the finish where I found John happy to be finished and content with his time. Then Chrissy crossed the finish line in 2:31 a great time for her first half. I was prepared for success I grabbed my backpack pulled out a beer for john and Minnie bottle of wine for Chrissy. I was so proud of her and I had faith when she did not. A lot of time I find it more rewarding getting someone else to their goal thank when I reach my goals.

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