About Me

I started like any kid playing baseball and soccer then went on to play hockey. In high school I played soccer and tennis. I was a ok tennis player but the rest I was just another body on the field I have always been just enough of a athlete to get by. I was not naturally talented and was not real interested in training other than the practices that were mandatory. Since the some things have changed I understand the value of conditioning and living to perform the best you can. 


When I was in middle school I began skiing with the school ski club and my family learning was tough but I stuck with I and I am glad I did. Skiing has steered the course of my life for many years I has given me friend, jobs, good times and memories that I can’t wait to talk about given the opportunity. Skiing change things for me I realize that you did not need to be part of a team to be a athlete although in my peak of ski and even now I don’t consider myself a athlete nor do I strive to be one. In 2002 I spent half the winter in Big sky MT on the way home we skied and stayed in Jackson hole. That whole season I had been looking for and talking about how I wanted telemark gear. While I was in Jackson I walked in to a store and there it was my highly sought after telemark boots and bindings. I bought a pair of used boots and cheap cable bindings. From that day forward I was a telemark skier at the time there were few of us so it was like a cult. If you saw another telemarker you waved. It was like driving a jeep.


I have always enjoyed riding my bike it is what my family did when I was young I still get out for bike ride with my mom and dad a few times a year. My love for biking strengthened along with skiing the guys I skied with were mountain bikers so I began riding with them some of the guys took it more serious than others I enjoyed it but it did not hold a note to the way I felt about skiing. In recent year my love affair with my bike has come and gone. But it will never go away.


I have always been the guy that said why run if no one is chasing you. Then in 2005 I started running on and off I built up to a 5k and was happy until 2006 when I began training for my first half marathon I finished that 2:21 after that I basically quite running a over the next 5 years I would start and stop I would do a 5k or a 10k and stop. Then in 2011 my friend the one person that could get me to agree to about anything Mike said hey we should run the Detroit marathon. I himed and hawed and final said yes then he decide that he was not going to do it so he could continue doing endurance Mt bike races. I was already committed in my mind so I followed it through I used a Hall Higdon plan. I had the normal training woes and needless to say I finished and I took about 1 hour longer than I planned but I did it.

To be continued …..


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